A Snippet Of Bleu

About Me, automatically makes me think of every time I answer the phone and the person greets me with:

“What’s Up?” and I respond, “…(grunt) ah wi–(sighs) um…wha-…no-thing?”.

That’s who I am, the person who questions cliche’s, the social norms, trends, and band wagon’s. The person who points out another perspective just because it’s an option. A mid-twenties woman, who for the most part feels stuck in a time and place that I can’t understand intrinsically and hoping perhaps it’s just a phase. A New Yorker that hates wearing black, Jamaican-American that rather just be Jamaican but refuses to speak patois, a poet that dislikes poetry, a Masters of Acting because that’s what the degree says, and a writer that has finally over come her fear of the reader’s reaction.




2 thoughts on “A Snippet Of Bleu”

  1. Lol. I love all the dichotomys…and you’re wearing black!

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